Carole Mallory June 2010 photo Bill Cavanaugh

Norman and Carole

Mallory photographed for cover of COSMOPOLITAN

Carole Mallory As Pan Am stewardess -

Mallory photographed for cover of NEWSWEEK

Carole and Norman on set of Tough Guys Don't Dance in Provincetown

Mailer, Mallory and McInerney at Elaine's for book party for FLASH

Mallory photographed for cover of PARADE

Mailer and Mallory when they first met in Hollywood in her apartment in front of her tear sheets from modeling

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Mallory's watercolor of her grandfather

Mallory's charcoal drawing of her t-cup poodle, Sir Winston

Carole Mallory - Fellow Pan Am stewardesses at JFK Pan Am terminal


On October 5, 2013, Mallory was invited to be keynote speaker by Tucson's Historic Preservation Foundation, a celebration of mid-century modernism in art and architecture. Because she was a Pan Am airline hostess in the 60s, Mallory was asked to speak about how this propelled her into becoming a supermodel, an actress, an author, a critic and a teacher. On October 16, 2013, she was asked to speak at the Elkin's Park Library about her memoir PICASSO'S GHOST. On January 13, 2013, she has been asked to speak at the Lower Providence Library about PICASSO'S GHOST.

On November 23, 3013, Richard Curtis Publishing published Mallory's memoir MY FRIENDSHIP WITH KURT VONNEGUT AND JOSEPH HELLER.

Carole Mallory is a journalist, actress, teacher and movie critic. In addition to her memoirs PICASSO'S GHOST, LOVING MAILER, and her novel, FLASH, Mallory has written profiles on Vonnegut, Heller, Jong, McInerney, Vidal, Baryshnikov, and Dudley Moore for ESQUIRE, PARADE, ELLE, LA MAGAZINE, PLAYBOY, THE HUFFINGTON POST and THE WRAP.COM

As a supermodel, her face graced the covers of COSMOPOLITAN, NEWSWEEK, ESQUIRE, G.Q., and NEW YORK MAGAZINE . Mallory's acting credits include LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR and STEPFORD WIVES, portraying one of the wives. She also performed in television movies and sit-coms. Her acting resume is available under the acting page of this website as well as the Internet Movie Database. (IMDb)

After graduating from Pennsylvania State University, Mallory attended Temple's Tyler School of Art for her Masters, briefly taught art, then flew to Europe, Africa and Asia as a flight attendant for Pan Am. Eventually she studied creative writing at U.C.L.A. and with Margaret Atwood and Gordon Lish at Columbia University.

When her story of overcoming alcoholism was the cover story of PARADE MAGAZINE, Mallory was asked to speak at her alma mater, Pennsylvania State University, for a D.U.I. convention of mothers who had lost children to drunk drivers.

In 2008, for her Norman Mailer archive Mallory had offers from the University of Texas, the New York Public Library and Harvard University.She chose to sell her archive to Harvard University as a result of their expressed respect for the value of the material.

In 2010, NORMAN MAILER:THE AMERICAN, a documentary from Eraser Films directed by Joe Mantegna premiered at the Boston Film Festival. It featured interviews with Mallory based on her memoir, LOVING MAILER.

On 3/​30/​2011, Manhattan's Gerson Cultural Center, created by Eleanor Roosevelt, asked her to speak about how her memoir relates to Mailer's writings.

In the fall of 2011, THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER assigned Mallory to review "And So It Goes" biography of Kurt Vonnegut by Charles Shields.

In 2011 and 2012, Mallory taught memoir at Cheltenham Adult School and returned in 2013. In the spring of 2012, Mallory taught memoir Widener University. In 2012 and 2013 Rosemont College asked her to teach creative writing.

Since 2014 Mallory has reviewed movies for The Huffington Post. Currently Mallory is performing an interactive lecture called "Travels with Monsieur Herbert" with her ten lb Maltese whom she accompanies to Retirement Communities and talks to residents about her life and having transformed herself from having been an object to becoming focused on accomplishment while trying to empower others with a will to live.

Selected Works

In LOVING MAILER, Mallory details her passionate affair with the renowned author and Pulitzer Prize winner.
FLASH is fast, smart and irresistible to read.
Memoir in progress
PICASSO'S GHOST....Meeting Claude Picasso, Pablo's son, and falling in love