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The Yanks Are Comin'. This Yank Is Comin'. Captain America! He's HERE!

July 21, 2011

Tags: Christopher Markus, Hayley Atwell, Hugo Weaving, Joe Johnston, Marvel Comics, Stanley Tucci, Stephen Mc Feeley, Tommy Lee Jones, Celine, Chris Evans, Entertainment News

Bravo for this patriotic tour de force... Sure it has flaws, but it packs a wallop of nostalgia! Who can remember those air raid sirens during WWII? Our nation needed faith and this film delivers the feelings of this period. This alone separates Captain America from the glut of superhero films. The nonstop action (more…)

Bad Teacher, Good Actress in Cameron Diaz

June 23, 2011

Tags: carole mallory, bad teacher, movies, cameron diaz, justin timberlake, timberlake, Bad Santa, Bad Teacher, Cameron Diaz, Gene Stupnitsky, Jake Kasdan, Jason Segal, Justin Timberlake, Lee Eisberg, Stand And Deliver Terry Swigoff, Entertainment News

There would be no Bad Teacher without the great performance of Cameron Diaz who holds this film together. Justin Timberlake in a thankless role gives a flat unlikeable performance and allows Diaz to steal every scene they have together. Her legs-forever-beauty and impeccable timing in her delivery of most often outrageous and raunchy lines (more…)

Remembering Sidney Lumet's Elegance

April 11, 2011

Tags: Elaine's, Faye Dunaway, Frank Pierson, Guggenheim Museum, Julie Christie, Mary Gimbel, Ned Tannen, Paddy Chayefsky, Pearl's, Prince Of The City, Robert De Niro, Ron Mallory, Ryan O'Neal, Warren Beatty, Academy Of Motion Pictures, Lifetime Achievement Award, Manhattan, Entertainment News

Sidney Lumet was an oxymoron. A socialite who loved to portray the gritty side of New York City.
Lumet was a permanent fixture at Elaine's Restaurant, known for its celebrities, on Manhattan's Upper East Side. He also enjoyed ordering caviar and champagne which he did for me at the Beverly Hills Hotel prior to (more…)

Remembering Elizabeth Taylor's Violet Eyes and Loving Spirit

March 23, 2011

Tags: Bette Davis Eyes, Charlie Sheen, Elizabeth Taylor, Elton John, Larry Fortensky, Penn State, Suddenly Last Summer, Entertainment News

It was through those violet eyes that she spoke to us and embraced a nation with her courage.

Oh why hadn't the Academy honored her in their recent Academy Awards? The Oscar telecast had no mention of this icon and her absence was sorely missed. And now there will be no 'next year' to (more…)

Hire the Lincoln Lawyer!

March 15, 2011

Tags: Brad Furman, Frances Fisher, Marisa Tomei, Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Philippe, Entertainment News

At last Matthew McConaughey is doing what comes naturally -- playing a polished, almost to the point of slick, clever, defense attorney. This is his best role in a long time and he wears it well. His character's crescendo like-build from being a pragmatic lawyer, whose only concern is winning, to being an advocate (more…)

Take Me Home Tonight Has a Hidden Heart

March 7, 2011

Tags: Anna Faris, Cary Grant, Dan Folger, Goldman Saks, Jeff And Jackie Filgo, Mercedes, Michael Douse, Mit, Sherman Oaks Galleria, Sun Court, Take Me Home Tonighjt, Teresa Palmer, Topher Grace, Entertainment News

Matt Franklin (Topher Grace) has the charm and sensuality of a young Cary Grant and uses these charms on Tori Frederking (Teresa Palmer) who is his high school dream girl whom he never had the courage to ask on a date during the heated 80s. She is so stunning you can imagine Matt being (more…)

"Oscar Is an Old Man, Too, and Respected for It. Why Aren't Hollywood's Stars?"

February 27, 2011

Tags: Ageism, Annette Benning, Barbra Streisand, Bob Hope. Melissa Leo, Caterine Zeta Jones. Jane Fonda, Joy Behar, Julianna Moore Goldie Hawn, Liz Taylor, Oscars, Oscars 2011, The Fighter, Warren Beatty, Entertainment News

I miss Bob Hope. Oscar meets ageism. Why doesn't Hwood do a film about ageism?
It's been done, has it? Well, do a sequel. It's a new story this Oscar race.

Melissa Leo felt she had to pay for stunning photos of herself at fifty to be used as press shots because the glossy (more…)

Don't Take a Pass from the Farrelly Brothers Hall Pass

February 23, 2011

Tags: Christina Applegate, Hall Pass, Jason Sudeiki, Jenna Fischer, Kevin Barnett, Nicky Shelan, Owen Wilson, Pete Jones, Richard Jenkins, The Farrelly Brothers, Entertainment News

Hall Pass is great fun for both men and women. The Farrelly brothers -- who directed this laugh fest -- rock. Public opinion is raped. Run for the hills from this film if you can't laugh at your humanness. Even scatological jokes work.

The plot is about couples who are bored with each other (more…)

"The Adjustment Bureau Needs an Adjustment."

February 23, 2011

Tags: Anthony Mackie, Emily Blunt, George Nolfi, Manchurian Candidate, Matt Damon, Movie Reviews, Philip k. Dick, Terrance Stamp, The Adjustment Bureau, The Adjustment Team, Entertainment News

As much as I respect Emily Blunt and Matt Damon as actors, I find The Adjustment Bureau an unpleasant experience. We are asked to believe that there could be an organization such as The Adjustment Bureau that monitors each individual's fate so that we stay on path. What path? To where? A metaphor for (more…)

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