David Keith,. Carole and Robert Hays on set of TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT

Katherine Ross, Carole, and Paula Prentiss on set of "Stepford Wives"

Ed Naha's interview with me to promote the film TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT which I acted in.

Carole playing a Nun in "CITY OF ANGELS"- TV episode

Photo that enabled Carole to be tested for the movie, THE FAN CLUB based on the Irving Wallace novel . The film was never made due to an inability to obtain script approval from Columbia Pictures. Carole then moved to Hollywood.

Cousin Eunice, Carole's mother and Carole at taping of PEOPLE ARE TALKING in Philadelphia

Bob Fosse and Carole on a date after a premiere

Carole and Albert Finney who just filmed ANNIIE

Carole and Andy Warhol doing PR for her film TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT

Carole held by actors on the set of "Fire and Ice" directed by Ralph Bakshi

Photo from set of "Take this Job and Shove It" of Carole with Robert Hays

Berry, Susan Sarandon, Mallory and Tony Perkins at his last birthday party

VALENTINO star Franco Nero and Carole

Carole and Ilie Nastasie doing pr for her filmTAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT


• THE STEPFORD WIVES as wife, Kit Sunderson
• STEEL as Charlene
• AMERICAN RASPBERRY (film) Morning Mist girl
• FIRE AND ICE (1983 film) Rotoscoped by Ralph Bakshi /​ Voice of Queen of the Fire Planet...
• SEEN DIMLY BEFORE DAWN as Mark Lester's aunt. Mark portrayed Oliver in the film.
NORMAN MAILER; THE AMERICAN...Eraser Films Documentary directed by Joe Mantegna premiered at the Boston Film Festival. Carole was interviewed for this documentary and her memoir LOVING MAILER was featured in the film.

She also appeared on television shows such as:
"Archie Bunker's Place" .... played Marina in Bunker Madness, a TV episode. In Stephanie's Science Project another episode, she portrayed pregnant woman who by mistake went to Veterinarian instead of obstetrician.
"The Greatest American Hero" .... Kidnapper - There's Just No Accounting...
"Nurse" .... Pam Norton - Equal Opportunity... Seduced her doctor from wheelchair
"Brave New World" (TV)... Miss Morgana Trotsky Movie of the Week… Played the asst. asst. Director of Central Hatcheries
"Starsky and Hutch" .... Played Madelaine in the episode Deckwatch..Played Sue Bellamy in the episodem, A Coffin for Starsky
"Wheels" aka "Arthur Hailey's Wheels" TV mini-series… Tony Francioso’s love interest
"Charlie's Angels" .... Rosey - Angels on the Run... portrayed waitress
"Fantasy Island" .... Nona Summers- Episode Reunion/​Anniversary ...
"The Tony Randall Show" .... Miss Gordon - The Way It Was ... portrayed woman hit by trolley car who sues city of San Francisco claiming it made her promiscuous. Lose case as defense proves woman was more promiscuous before accident
"Insight" .... Edwina - Is Anybody Listening? ...Played a newscaster
"We've Got Each Other" - Miss Wonderful ....
"Man from Atlantis" .... Vicki … portrayed Mermaid - The Hawk of Mu ....
"Roger & Harry" aka Love for Ransom .... Kate Wilson
"McCloud" .... played a vampire - McCloud Meets Dracula ...
"In the Glitter Palace" aka A Woman Accused …Movie of the Week ... Sally
“Delveccio” …Judd Hirsch’s secretary
"City of Angels" - Say Goodbye to Yesterday... Played a Nun
“Police Story” … Ellen… played undercover Cop
"Harry O" .... Phyllis - Group Terror...
"The Lost Saucer" .... Lyra, the evil queen of outer space... episode titled Fi Am Woman episode ....
"Wide World Mystery" .... Dolcina, Farley Granger's murder accomplice
The Haunting of Penthouse D

THEATRE. Bucks County Playhouse New Hope Pennsylvania. Mallory starred in PICNIC as Madge and Tiffany in MARY, MARY.

COMMERICALS. Mallory who filmed over fifty commercials was a spokesperson for: English Leather "So all my men wear English Leather or they wear nothing at all", Woolite, "Safely Soaks Syntheic Wigs Clean in Three Seconds", Miss Clairol, Admiral, Chevrolet, ARCO explaining combustion as a Jackie Kennedy type, Pretty Feet, Olympic Airlines, Noxema, Gillette, Spiedel, Faberge 'Tigress' directed by Mike Cimino, etc.

To promote Mallory’s novel FLASH, she appeared on Larry King Live, and was requested to appear on Geraldo (3), AM Phila. (2), LA Morning Show, The Late Show, Pittsburg 2 Day, Phila., N.J. and Boston People are Talking (2) , Sally Jesse Raphael, Fox Morning Show, A Current Affair, Regis and Kathy Lee, Sonya Friedman, Good Day N.Y., PM Magazine, Twin Cities Live Minneapolis, Toronto Lifeline, Baltimore’s Afternoon, etc.

To promote Mallory’s memoir LOVING MAILER she appeared on NBC’s LXNY, NBC Philadelphia’s The 10! Show.

Selected Works

In LOVING MAILER, Mallory details her passionate affair with the renowned author and Pulitzer Prize winner.
FLASH is fast, smart and irresistible to read.
Memoir in progress
PICASSO'S GHOST....Meeting Claude Picasso, Pablo's son, and falling in love