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Hollywood East by Mallory

Robin Williams Debuts on Broadway and Is Happy at Last

On the CBS Sunday Morning telecast I watched Robin Williams say how happy he was. And he looked happy. He is making his Broadway debut in a new play, "The Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo." Furthermore he has been blessed with a new bill of health after having had an aortic valve in  Read More 
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Remembering That Championship Season with Jason Miller

While watching "The View," I saw Chris Noth, who said he was starring in "That Championship Season" on Broadway. I remember when Jason Miller, its playwright, starred in my life. In the mid-'70s, we dated for quite some time and had a passionate love affair.

Writers have always appealed to me and Jason  Read More 
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Remembering Sidney Lumet's Elegance

Sidney Lumet was an oxymoron. A socialite who loved to portray the gritty side of New York City.
Lumet was a permanent fixture at Elaine's Restaurant, known for its celebrities, on Manhattan's Upper East Side. He also enjoyed ordering caviar and champagne which he did for me at the Beverly Hills Hotel prior to  Read More 
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Hollyblog: Dudley Moore, the One and Only Arthur

Sir Dudley Moore did two degrees -- one in academics of music and one in composition. “I was an organ scholar. That was my official title. Then I became an extended organ scholar,” Dudley said laughing during one of my interviews. Though only 5’2” inches tall, he was a ladies’ man and nicknamed by the  Read More 
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