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Hollywood East by Mallory

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a PR Machine Out of Spin

In the early seventies, I was invited to dinner to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger by Bobby Zarem, N.Y.'s powerful publicist. We met at Manhattan's Elaine's Restaurant.

Schwarzenegger was polite, not at all flirtatious and a gentleman as he looked around the restaurant and took in the powerbrokers one at a time as I  Read More 
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Dueling Cary Grants

Cary Grant, born Archibald Alexander Leach, frequently crossed paths with my ex-husband, artist Ron Mallory, and me during the early '70s. "He was patient and debonair." Ron said. "There was no difference between his screen persona or his persona in real life."

Grant had visited Ron's art gallery Esther Robles in Beverly Hills  Read More 
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