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Hollywood East by Mallory

Bad Teacher, Good Actress in Cameron Diaz

There would be no Bad Teacher without the great performance of Cameron Diaz who holds this film together. Justin Timberlake in a thankless role gives a flat unlikeable performance and allows Diaz to steal every scene they have together. Her legs-forever-beauty and impeccable timing in her delivery of most often outrageous and raunchy lines  Read More 
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Congressman Weiner Is a Sex Addict

Anthony Weiner obviously is suffering from a form of sexual addiction. A disease, not unlike alcoholism, compulsive gambling or eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia. We don’t laugh at cancer patients. Why should we laugh at someone who is suffering from the disease of sexual addiction?

How do I know Congressman Weiner is  Read More 
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The Truth about Blake Edwards and Peter Sellers

Recently while watching "The Return of the Pink Panther," I recalled the good times I spent with Peter Sellers.

When Blake Edwards died, I remembered the awkward relationship he had with Peter and that it was fraught with angst.

Despite what appeared to be successful team work, Peter and Blake fought over many things.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Housekeeper Crazy? He Made Her So!

TMZ’s Harvey Levin reported with a sly smile that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s housekeeper, Mildred Patty Baena, was wearing Maria Shriver’s clothing during their affair. Baena’s size is perhaps four times larger than Shriver’s -- which makes this an impossibility. Maybe he’s talking about Shriver’s accessories rather than her  Read More 
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