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Hollywood East by Mallory

"Oscar Is an Old Man, Too, and Respected for It. Why Aren't Hollywood's Stars?"

I miss Bob Hope. Oscar meets ageism. Why doesn't Hwood do a film about ageism?
It's been done, has it? Well, do a sequel. It's a new story this Oscar race.

Melissa Leo felt she had to pay for stunning photos of herself at fifty to be used as press shots because the glossy magazines would not give her beauty recognition because they felt she was too old. She had to look old for the part she played. Then Hwood insiders criticized Leo for trying to show us how lovely she can look at the ripe young age of 50 and for not looking like that old frau she played in The Fighter. Go for it, Melissa. You'll win anyway. Looks are just that. Spirit is what this should be about.

And God Bless HLN for giving Joy Behar a talk show and new life at 68. Meanwhile she has a cameo in a new film Hall Pass. Joy is a pisser, a fighter -- someone to be admired for being quick witted, nimble at 68 and not complaining about it.

NO! Why didn't the Oscars haul out Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty who have some history AKA memories to share with us, the viewer? Does anyone care about the viewer or just teeny boppers' "potential" ratings? Why NOT parade two witty, aging, bad boys with spirit and style who represent Hwood instead of two young newbies who have just learned to say 'hello'? Oh, mind you, these nubile presenters will be adequate, but some great oldies will be getting more grey this year while these kids strut their placentas on stage. Please. Stop wasting aging star powers power.

And will somebody please put Liz Taylor's blue sun glasses on her straight. Better yet take them off of her and leave her be. While she was wheeled out of the hospital someone foolishly put blue glasses on her. Why? To hide her wrinkles. To make her look cool? Let the woman alone and be ill in peace and with wrinkles. She's earned them.

Back to Oscar night, as presenters why not have Jane Fonda, Barbra Streisand, Cher, Goldie Hawn or Julianna Moore, Annette Bening, Catherine Zeta Jones. What slick agent hoodwinked Hwood powerbrokers into allowing Oscar to be presented wearing diapers instead of grandeur? Boohoo to you, too.

This whole presenter thing has me so pissed off that I don't want to watch, yet I know I will just to see if these kids can prove their Oscar worthiness, that is worthiness to present the little golden oldie. Yep, Oscar is old, but who complains about him. He doesn't change his dress or jokes just his handlers.

I guess it all comes down to respect. I don't feel the organizers of the Oscar Ceremony have respect for Hwood's Old Guard. Oh, I know some of these stars have misbehaved. I may know more of their misdeeds than most people do, but next year please turn the other cheek on the age issue -- before your viewers turn the channel.
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